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Principal's Message

The 8th grade graduating Class of 2014 has been an outstanding group of students and parents. The leadership of this group set a great tone and example for the rest of the school. Conrady will sorely miss the set of parents that gave their support, time, and loyalty to the school. Good luck and best wishes to our Class of 2014. This summer Conrady is undergoing some much needed enhancements and repairs. The front circle driveway is being reconstructed, windows and doors are being replaced, partial roof replacement is taking place, as well as lighting, ventilation, and floor updates in the main gymnasium. I'm confident that all of the students, staff, and community members that use the school regularly will notice the positive, necessary improvements to the building.Conrady completed the first full year of using NWEA's Measure of Academic Performance assessment. We are pleased with the overall academic performance of our students. Over 80% of our students met personal growth goals in math during the year! Nearly 75% of all our students performed at or above the 50th percentile nationwide, a success story given our demographic make-up.Looking to the future, Conrady will kick-off 2014-2015 by issuing a Chromebook to each sixth and seventh grade student for use at school and home. All math and language arts classes will be fully implemented in Common Core State Standards curriculum. Our science department will be piloting several Next Generation Science Standards units. Stay tuned for the great things to come. Until then, have an enjoyable and recharging summer.

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