Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) are K – 12 interim assessments that measure growth, project proficiency on high-stakes tests, and inform how educators differentiate instruction, evaluate programs, and structure curriculum.

Computer adaptive MAP assessments reveal precisely which academic skills and concepts the student has acquired and what they’re ready to learn. MAP assessments are grade independent and adapt to each student’s instructional level. Every item on a MAP assessment is anchored to a vertically aligned equal interval scale, called the RIT scale for Rasch UnIT—a stable measurement, like inches on a ruler, that covers all grades.

And because the measurement is reliable and accurate, RIT scores serve as an essential data point in a student’s learning plan; educators can see their precise learning level and respond accordingly.

Khan Academy
MAP to Khan Academy: Students can use their MAP Student Goal Setting Worksheet to work on skills that need improvement.
  1. Find the RIT band (ex: 224-236) under each domain on the MAP Student Goal Setting Worksheet.
  2. Click on MAP to KHAN (Grades (2-5) or MAP to KHAN (Primary Grades)
  3. Find RIT score in corresponding math domain (ex: Geometry)
  4. Choose any skill to improve score in that area.
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Students can also practice on MATH MAP 
or using the links below focusing on RIT scores and Domains:

MAP Testing Math Practice by RIT Score

RIT Band Below 161
MeasurementNumber SenseData AnalysisAlgebraGeometry
 Catch 10   
 Count the Ants   
 Count the Kids   
 Counting with Lecky   
 The Counting Game   
 Miro on the Move   
 Post a Letter   
 Ten Frame   
 How Many?   
 Alien Addition   
 Count Hoot's Addition   
 Dude's Dilemma (choose addition)   
 Froggy Hops   
 Number Bonds   
 Save the Whale   
 Ten Frame
(choose 4, add)
 That's a Fact   
RIT Band 161-170
MeasurementNumber SenseData AnalysisAlgebraGeometry
Length Stretch CentimetersCount the AntsAnimal Island DataFairy FogGeometry Game
Lenght Stretch InchesCount the KidsBar Graph SorterThe GarlandShape Learning Game
Funbrain Measure It (choose easy centimeters)The Counting GameCyberchasePattern GeneratorShape Match
Mr. Anker Tests Clock Work to the Half HourFish TankI Am SpecialSpeed Grid Challenge - AdditionSort the Shapes
Mr. Anker Tests MeasurementGive the Dog a Bone Speed Grid Challenge - SubtractionSorting Shapes
Clock Wise
(choose level 1)
How Many? Sum Sense Addition 
What's the Time Mr. Wolf?Mend the Number Square Sum Sense Subtraction 
 Miro on the Move   
 Post a Letter   
 Higher or Lower   
 Number Track   
 Nutty Numbers   
 5 and a Bit   
 Addition Surprise   
 Alien Addition   
 Around the World in 80 Seconds
(choose addition or subtraction, level 2 hard)
 Catch 10   
 Connect Sums   
 Count Hoot's Addition   
 Count Hoot's Subtraction   
 The Digit Workout
(choose level 1 or 2)
 Dude's Dilemma
(Choose addition or subtraction, level 2 hard)
 Number Bond Machines   
 Save the Whale   
 Speed Grid Challenge Addition   
 Speed Grid Challenge Subtraction   
 Subtraction Machine Level 1   
 Sum Sense Addition   
 Sum Sense Subtraction   
 Take Away Targets   
 Ten Frame
(choose 4, add)
 Test the Toad   
 That's a Fact
(choose addition and subtraction)
 Vertical Addition   
 Around the World in 80 Seconds
(choose multiplication, level 1 easy)
 The Digit Workout
(choose level 5)
 Knights of Math   
 Dude's Dilemma
(choose multiplication, level 1 easy)
 Quick Flash   
 That's a Fact
(Choose multiplication, then facts to 12)
 Times Table Grid   
 Tony's Tire Shop   
RIT Band 171-180
MeasurementNumber SenseData AnalysisAlgebraGeometry
Area of Irregular ShapesAdventure Sequence
(choose hard)
Bar Graph Sorter

Adventure Sequences
(choose medium or really hard)

Bang on TimeBase TenBar GraphsAttribute TrainsShapes Match
Count On from Dimes and QuartersFunbrain Cookie Dough
(written names and numbers to 100)
How It All Stacks UpDuck's Digits 
What's the Time Mr. Wolf?Funbrain Cookie Dough
(written names and numbers to 1000)
Introduction to Problem SolvingFairy Frog 
Length Strength: CentimetersCounting CarsOrganizing DataThe Garland 
Length Strength: InchesDinosaur Place ValuePictographsHow Does My Pattern Grow? 
Mr. Anker Tests Measurement - CentimetersFact FamiliesMr. Anker Tests Reading GraphsNumber Cracker 
Clock Wise
(choose random)
Fairies in the Fog
(count by 2's, even numbers)
Starfish TheaterOochina the Archeologist 
Compare MoneyFairies in the Fog
(count by 2's, odd numbers)
 Pattern Generator 
Counting MoneyFairies in the Fog
(count by 5's)
 Who's Missing? 
Hickory Dickory ClockFinding Place Values Cross the Swamp 
Let's Compare MoneyFishy 2's Missing Numbers 
Measuring GameGrid for Numbers Speed Grid Challenge Addition 
Stop the ClockGuess My Number Speed Grid Challenge Subtraction 
 Lifeguards Sum Sense Addition 
 Mend the Number Square Sum Sense Subtraction 
 Number Balance That Quiz
(choose level 1 and solve for x)
 Number Jump   
 Number Vocabulary   
 Shark Pool Place Value   
 Space Hopscotch   
 Spooky Sequences   
 Spooky Sequences 2   
 Frogs and Ladders   
 Number Machine   
 One False Move   
 Number Ordering
(choose medium or hard)
 Two Less Than   
 Two More Than   
 Sort the Mail
(choose <,>1-100)
 5 and a Bit Ogre Hit   
 Addition Machine   
 Archery Match
(choose archery)
(choose level 2 or 4)
 Around the World in 80 Seconds
(choose addition and subtraction)
 Beach Rush   
 Digit Workout
(choose level 5)
 Dude's Dilemma
(choose multiplication, then level 2, hard)
 The Knight and the Princess   
 Meteor Multiplication   
 Quick Flash   
 That's a Fact
(choose multiplication)
 Times Table Grid   
 Frenchy's Fraction Café   
 Spring Flowers   
RIT Band 181-190
MeasurementNumber SenseData AnalysisAlgebraGeometry
Explore Perimeter with Adam AntAdventure SequencesGraphsAdventure Sequences
(choose really hard)
Polygon Matching Game
Perimeter ExplorerCookie DoughIntroduction to Problem SolvingAttribute TrainsShapes
Elapsed TimeConvert Numbers to WordsOrganizing DataDuck's DigitsShapes II
What Time Will It Be?The Dragon's Eggs
Pictographs and Bar GraphsFind the Missing NumberShapes III
AreaGhost Blasters EvenPicture GraphsFinding a Rule

Icy Slides, Flips, Turns

Length StrengthGhost Blasters OddPlay BallNumber CrackerIf the Key Fits
Measure It!Grid for Numbers
(choose 999 or higher for highest number)
Problem Solving: Choose an OperationOochina the ArcheologistRobopacker
Mr. Anker Tests MeasurementNumber Balance

Reading Bar Graphs

People PatternsAirlines Builder
Measuring Perimeter
(choose level 1)
Number Names

Mr. Anker Tests Reading Graphs

Who's Missing? 
Mr. Anker Tests PerimeterMallardMathsMr. Anker Tests Reading Graphs 2Balancing Number Sentences 
Perimeter in InchesOdd or Even?
(choose numbers to 100)
Reading PictographsCross the Swamp 
Elapsed TimePlace Value Charts
(choose TU, HTU or TH, HTU)

Late Delivery
(choose level 1)

Elapsed Time
(choose guess)
Place Value in 3-Digit Numbers Missing Numbers 
P.E. TimePlace Value to Thousands That Quiz
(choose level 1 and solve for x)
 Rounding Flashcards   
(choose TU to nearest 10)
(choose HTU to nearest 10)
(choose HTU to nearest 100)
 Mr. Anker Tests Rounding to the Nearest 10   
 Mr. Anker Tests Rounding to the Nearest 100   
 Spooky Sequences 3   

The Award Ceremony
(choose order whole numbers to 100)

 The Award Ceremony
(choose swimming 50 m)
 Caterpillar Ordering
(choose 1 to 100)
 Frogs and Ladders   
 Guess the Number!   
 Helipad Hops   
 Higher and Lower
(choose numbers to 100)
 Number Ordering
(choose medium or hard)
 One False Move   
 Comparing and Ordering Whole Numbers   
RIT Band 191-200
MeasurementNumber SenseData AnalysisAlgebraGeometry
Perimeter and Area
(choose perimeter)
Grid for Numbers
(choose 9,999 or higher for highest number)
Explore Bar GraphsBehind the Blob3D Shapes
Customary MeasurementForm O RamaLet's Graph!Look for a PatternOverlapping Shapes
Customary Measure MemoryIdentify the Place of a Digit
Making Bar GraphsPeople PatternsSorting Shapes
Liquid MeasuresNumber Vocabulary
(thousands or numbers to 100,000)
Pictographs and Bar GraphsProblem Solving: Draw a PictureTangrams
MeasurmentOdd or Even
(choose numers to 100)
Theme Park FavoritesWho's Missing?Icy Slides, Flips and Turns
Mr. Anker Tests PerimeterPlace Value Playoff! Balancing EquationsIf the Key Fits
Shape Surveyor
(choose hard, perimeter)
(choose to the nearest 10)
 Choose an OperationRobo Packer
Slueths on the LooseMr. Anker Tests Rounding to the Nearest 100 Solving Equations 
Calculating TimeRound to the Nearest Hundred That Quiz
(choose level 1)
Clock Wise
(choose random level 3)
The Award Ceremony
(order whole numbers up to 1000)
 Using a Balance Scale Model 
Columns of TimeMr. Anker Tests Greater Than, Less Than Set A Order of Operations Four 
Elapsed TimeMr. Anker Tests Greater Than, Less Than Set B Order of Operations Quiz
(choose addition, subtraction, then parenthesis)
Elapsed Time
(choose guess and level 2)
P.E. TimeEstimator Quiz
(choose addition)
Stop the ClockAddition
(choose level 5)
What Time Will It Be?Cross the Swamp
(choose addition and subtraction)
The Ruler GameThe Digit Workout
(choose addition or subtraction, level 3 and 4)
 Number Bond Machines   
 Speed Grid Challenge
Addition 1
 Speed Grid Challenge
Addition 2

Speed Grid Challenge
Subtraction 1

 Speed Grid Challenge
Subtraction 2
(choose level 3, 
4 or 5)
 Subtraction Machine
(choose level 2 or 3)
 Around the World in 80 Seconds
(choose multiplication level 2 or division)
 Beach Rush
(choose 4-12)
 Cross the Swamp
(choose multiplication and division, then 0-100)
 Division Bingo   
 Division Machine
(choose level 2 or 3)
 Math Invaders   
 Buy It   
 Skillwise + Maths   
(choose fractions)
(choose money)
 Fraction Beach   
 Fraction Flags   
 VectorKids: Fractions   
 Fractions Matching Game   
 Melvin's Make-a-Match   
 Mendel's Magic Math Market   
 Comparing and Ordering Whole Numbers   
RIT Band 201-210
MeasurementNumber SenseData AnalysisAlgebraGeometry
Customary MeasurementBirmingham Grid for Numbers
(choose highest number: 999,999)
Collecting and Recording DataCrack Hacker's SafeCube Nets
Measure It!Number Vocabulary (choose larger numbers)Data PickingDuck's Digits
(choose level 3)
Mr. Anker Tests Polygon Names
Mr. Anker Tests PerimeterPlace Value PlayoffIntroduction to Problem Solving GuideBilly Bug and His Quest for GrubShapes in Space
Shape Surveyor Geometry Game
(choose hard and perimeter)
Reading and Writing NumbersMaking Bar GraphsCoordinate GeometrySpace Blocks
Mr. Anker Tests VolumeRing TossReading Charts and GraphsDino DigTransformations
Difference Between Two TimesMr. Anker Tests Rounding to the Nearest 1,000Theme Park FavoritesOrdered Pairs - 
Set A
Hangman Puzzle
Elapsed Time
(choose guess and level 3)
Rounding Flashcards (choose Max Value: 10,000) Mount Frost 
Mr. Anker Tests Clock WorkWho Wants to be a Place Value Master? Ordered Pairs - 
Set B
Sal's Sub ShopThe Award Ceremony (choose Order Whole Numbers up to 10,000) Mr. Anker Tests Ordered Pairs - 
Set 1
Metric and English SymbolsThe Award Ceremony (choose Order Whole Numbers up to 100,000) Plotting Coordinate Pairs 
 The Award Ceremony (choose Order Whole Numbers up to 1,000,000) Treasure Island 
 Ordering Numbers What's the Point?
(choose easy)
 Comparing and Ordering Numbers Choose an Operation 
 Zero and Ones (choose level 
B or C)
 Guess the Number 
 Estimate! The Number Factory
(choose 2nd or 3rd gear)
 Circle 99 Operation Order
(choose hard)

Deep Sea Duel

 Operation Four (choose add, subtract, multiply, divice, then parenthesis) 
 Equal Expressions Mr. Anker Tests Order of Operations - Set 1 
 Number Puzzles Mr. Anker Tests Order of Operations - Set 2 
 Pan-Diagonal Magic Square Operations Quiz (choose add, subtract, multiply, divide, then parenthesis) 
 Power Lines Phase One Solving Equations with Addition and Subtraction 
 Power Lines Phase Two   
 Power Lines The Ultimate Challenge   
 Speed Grid Challenge - Addition (3)   
 Speed Grid Challenge - Subtraction (3)   
 SpeedMath - Addition and Subtraction   
 Subtracting Whole Numbers   
 Subtraction - 6-Digit Numbers   
 Amoeba Division Game (Choose Level B or C)   
 Around the World in 80 Seconds 
(Choose Division: Harder)
 Cross the Swamp
(Choose Multiplication and Division 0-50 or 0-100)
 Division Bingo   
 Division Machine
(choose level 3)
 Dude's Dilemma
(Choose Division, then harder)
 Adding Fractions   
 Count the Money   
 Laser Beams
(choose beginner)
 Mr. Anker Tests Rounding to the Nearest Whole Number   
 Comparing and Ordering Whole Numbers   
 Comparing Decimals   
 Understanding Percent   
RIT Band 211-220
MeasurementNumber SenseData AnalysisAlgebraGeometry
Fill and PourRound to the Nearest ThousandCircle GraphsApplying Pattern RulesCube Nets
Measure It!Round to the Nearest Hundred ThousandConclusions from DataComplete the PatternQuadrilateral Quest
How High?Estimation 
(choose multiply tens)
MeanMystery OperationsBathroom Tiles
Sal's Sub ShopEstimation 
(choose divide tens)
Mean MachinePeg PuzzlesCreating Designs
(choose divide 100's)
Reading Line GraphsSequencesPost the Shapes
 Button Beach ChallengeReading Charts and GraphsTower of HanoiTransformations
 Circle 99Representing DataWriting Pattern Rules

Transformatin Golf

 Magic SquaresTrapeze TricksRelationship Rules for Patterns 
 Number Puzzles Representing Patterns on a Graph 
 Pan-Diagonal Magic Square Function Machine 
 Power Lines Phase One Function Machine Interactive 
 Power Lines Phase Two Function Machine - NLVM 
 Power Lines The Ultimate Challenge Whole Number Cruncher 
 Subtraction - 6 Digit Numbers Algebra Quiz
(difficulty: whole numbers only, one-step and two-step problems)
 Estimating Quotients Equation Match 
 Goal Late Delivery
(choose level 1)
 Defeat the Math Monster Target Numbers to 30 
 Space Shuttle Launch Alginon's Algebraic Explorer 
 SpeedMath - Multiply and Divide Guess the Number 
 The Factor Game Mission Algebra Challenge 
 Factor Tree Mulit/Div Relationships 
 Factoring Order of Operations Four
(choose addition, subtraction, then parenthesis)
 Factorize Operation Order 
 Octopus Factors Mr. Anker Tests Order of Operations Set Three 
 Beat the Clock (choose beginner) Mr. Anker Tests Order of Operations Set Four 
 Comparing Fractions Order of Operations 
 Decimal Squares Speedway Order of Operations Quiz
(choose addition, subtraction, then parenthesis)
 Diffy Solving Equations by Adding or Subtracting 
 Equivalent Fractions Think of a Number 
 Fraction Pointer   
 Fraction Sorter   
 Laser Beams (choose beginner)   
 Reading and Writing Decimal Thousandths   
 Rounding Off   
 Mr. Anker Tests Rounding Decimals to the Nearest Tenth   
 Subtracting Fractions   
RIT Band 221-230
MeasurementNumber SenseData AnalysisAlgebraGeometry
Area of a TrapezoidEstimation Games (choose multiply 10's)Communicating About GraphsAlgebra Quiz
(difficulty: whole numbers only, one-step and two-step problems)
Quadrilateral Quest
Rectangular AreaEstimation Games (choose divide 10's)Math Slice
(choose mean and median)
Equation MatchShapes in Space
Volume of Rectangular and Triangular PrismsEstimation Games (choose divide 100's)Mean and MedianLate Delivery
(choose level 2)
Sort Quadrilaterals
Solve Problems Using EquationsMayan Math Monster (choose division - hard)The Mean MachineTarget Numbers to 30Bathroom Tiles
Metric 6EDivisibility RulesMedian and MeanAlginon's Algebraic ExplorerCreating Designs
 Factor GameMedian and ModeMission Algebra ChallengePost the Shapes
 Factor TreeMissing NumberOperation Order (choose hard)Transformations - Play
 FactoringRange, Median and ModeOrder of Operations 
 100 PercentTrain RaceOrder of Operations Quiz
(choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
 Builder Ted (decimals) Think of a Number 
 Comparing and Ordering Decimals   
 Decimal Multiplication   
 Fraction Pairs Game   
 Ordering Fractions   
 Reading and Writing Decimals   
 Mr. Anker Tests Rounding Decimals to the Nearest Hundredth   
 Zak Splat   
RIT Band 231-240
MeasurementNumber SenseData AnalysisAlgebraGeometry
Animal Weigh-InPrime Factors QuizCollecting, Organizing, and Analyzing DataAnalyzing Patterns and Functions 
Area AlgebraQuiz for Prime FactorsCollecting, Organizing and Analyzing Data IIAnalyzing Patterns and Functions II 
Area PolygonsDecimal DivisionUsing Data to Make PredictionsAnalyzing Patterns and Functions III 
Area of TrapezoidsFraction DivisionUsing Data to Make Predictions IIFunction Machine 
Area of a TrianglePower FootballAveragesAlginon's Algebraic Aquarium 
Area Rule for TrianglesRounding OffInterpreting GraphsMission Algebra Challenge 
Converting UnitsSoccer ShootoutMean of 4 Numbers
Order of Operations 
Solve Problems Using Equations Mean of 4 Numbers
(integers and halves)
Solving Equations by Adding or Subtracting 
  Mean of 5 NumbersThink of a Number 
  Mean of 5 Numbers (decimals)  
  Mean of 5 Numbers (integers)  
RIT Band Above 240
MeasurmentNumber SenseData AnalysisAlgebraGeometry
Area of a ParallelogramFind the Least Common Multiple   

Area of Triangles I

Greatest Common Factor and Prime Factorization   
Area of Triangles IIHighest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple   
Triangle Explorer (choose level 2 or 3)Prime Factorization   
 Using Multiples   
 Fraction/Decimal Percent Jeopardy