Board of Education Meeting Dates

Board Dates Board Meetings from May, 2015 through April, 2017
The July - October and April - June meetings will be held in the Board of Education Room at the Dr. Ken Geraghty Administration Center, 7825 W. 103rd Street, Palos Hills.

The November - March meetings will be held at the following school buildings:
November - Oak Ridge School (8791 W. 103rd St., Palos Hills) 
December - Glen Oaks School (9045 S. 88th Ave., Hickory Hills)
January - Dorn School (7840 W. 92nd St., Hickory Hills)
February - Sorrick School (7825 W. 103rd St., Palos Hills)
March - Conrady Jr. High (7950 W. 97th St., Hickory Hills) 
Meetings are usually scheduled for the third Tuesday of the month with September of each year being the exception. Closed session will be held from approximately 6:30 to 7:00 P.M. with the regular (open) meeting following.